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Father's Day

Apple Ideas for Toddlers



Pin the Apple On the Tree

This game is played similar to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."
  In advance, cut out a large tree from brown bulletin board
 paper and small red die cut apples.  Label the apples with
 each child's name.  Sing the following song while you play the
 game... Sung to the tune of: If You're Happy and You Know It"

Put the apple on the tree, on the tree.
Put the apple on the tree, on the tree.
Put the apple on the tree,
You can do it... You will see.
Put the apple on the tree, on the tree.


Pass the Apple

(Like hot potato), when the music stops and the child is holding the apple, he goes into the
 "apple pot" (the center of the circle).  When all the "apples" are in the pot, we make applesauce,
stir, add sugar, add cinnamon, taste, etc.  Kids giggle a lot when they have to start jiggling and boiling.


Arts & Crafts


Apple Hand Prints

Trace an apple shape onto red construction paper for the children to cut out. 
 (or other apple colors)
For the stems, trace the children’s hands and cut out.
Glue the hand stem to the apple cutout.
Glue the following poem on it.

This little apple that you see here,
Was made just for you in my Preschool year.
You’ll never find the same apple in all this great land,
Because for a stem I used my own little hand.


Fingerpaint Apples

Photo submitted by Shell

Use red or green tempera mixed with starch to finger paint an apple shape.
( I wouldn't suggest adding pipe cleaner worms with toddlers, only with older children. )




Way Up High

Way up high in the apple tree.
Two little apples smiled at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could.
Down came the apples.
Ummmmm! Ummmm! Good.




Apple Graph

Make a chart by putting a picture of three different colored apples at the top.  Have each child's
 name written down the left hand margin.  Pass out a slice of each type of apple and then have each
 child tell you which was his favorite  (red, yellow or green)  Tally up the results and make a total
at the bottom of each column.  I purchase the colored sticker labels from the stationery store for the
children to use to put on the chart.  If they like a red apple, they place their red circle sticker under the red,
yellow circle sticker under the yellow apple, etc.  They enjoy doing this because they get to use stickers!!!!!!!


Flannel Board


Apple Colors

Cut out a felt tree and a red, yellow, and green apple.
  Identify the color of each apple and then recite
 the following rhyme as children close their eyes.

See the apples on the tree.
Close your eyes now
One, two, three...

Remove one apple.  Then direct the
 toddlers to open their eyes and say:

Open your eyes and you will see,
An apple is missing from the tree.

Ask them if they know which apple is missing.




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