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Summer Snacktime Ideas



Ice Cream Social

(Photo submitted by Shell)

Have an Ice Cream Party!
I had each of the kids bring something to add to our ice cream
dessert.  They really enjoyed creating their own Ice Cream snack!
We had maraschino cherries, whipped cream, Chocolate Hershey's
 syrup, sprinkles, sliced bananas, and two different cones.

(Photo submitted by Shell)


(Check out Nanette's Ice Cream Social Goodie Bags)




Ice Cream in a Bag

Ingredients Needed:
 1/2 Cup milk
 1 Tablespoon sugar
 3/4 Tablespoon vanilla Ice
6 Tablespoons salt
1 large freezer bag
1 small bag

Put first 3 ingredients into a small bag and close.
Put ice into large bag until the bag is half full.
Add the salt to the ice.  Put the small bag into the large bag,
and seal the large bag.  Shake the bags for five (5) minutes.
Put in freezer for a few minutes until thick like ice cream.


Homemade Lemonade

Materials needed:
1 cup water
3/4 tbsp sugar
Measuring utensils

Teacher Preparation:
Cut a lemon in half for each of the children.

Have the children squeeze their lemon halves until they have about 1 1/2 tbsp
of lemon juice.  Mix the lemon juice with water and sugar.  Add ice.   

Concepts learned:
Lemonade comes from lemons.
  Lemons are Yellow.
  You need to add a little sugar to have good lemonade.


Home Made Snow Cones

Place ice cubes in zip lock bag.   Let children crush the ice with a mallet
 or hammer.  Pour flavoring over the crushed ice and eat with a spoon.


Ice Shapes

Freeze water, juice, or kool - aid in different shaped containers.  Unmold and enjoy the ice sculptures.


Sand Snack

Use a clear cup per child let them put a crushed vanilla wafer in the bottom and then add vanilla pudding.


Summer Popsicles

Kids love popsicles in the summertime. Try making these with your children:

~Freeze applesauce in popsicle molds.

~Mix fruit or jam into yogurt. Freeze in small, snack sized
Ziploc bags for frozen yogurt on the go.
Cut a hole in the end of the bag for easy access/eating.

~Mix gelatin and freeze. Add gummie fish
 or worms before freezing for added fun.

~Freeze syrup from canned fruit.

~ Add food coloring or sprinkles to yogurt or softened ice
cream for added pizzazz. Then freeze in popsicle molds.

~When you have leftover jam or jelly, put 1/4 cup of hot water
in the jar and shake well. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

~If jelly or jam doesn't set up well, use for popsicles
or add more water, boil and make syrup.

~Make a batch of pudding. Add coconut, nuts, marshmallows,
crushed cookies or sprinkles if desired. Pour into molds.
Freeze several hours until firm.

~Stick a toothpick in the center of blackberries,
strawberries, raspberries or sliced bananas.
Dip in chocolate if desired. Freeze on a tray.
 Once frozen, store in freezer bags.

~For easy snow cones, freeze orange juice (or any other
flavored juice) in ice cube trays. Store frozen juice cubes
in a plastic bag. Blend 5 cubes in the blender until they
have a shaved ice consistency. The shaved ice will
 keep its consistency if kept frozen in a container.

~For watermelon popsicles, blend one cup each watermelon
chunks (seeds removed), orange juice and water. Blend well.
Then pour and freeze into molds.

~For strawberry popsicles, blend 2 cups strawberries, 1 cup
vanilla ice cream or yogurt, 4 cups orange juice and 2
tablespoons sugar. Blend smooth. Pour into molds and freeze.

~For banana popsicles, dissolve one 3 oz. package strawberry
gelatin with one cup boiling water. In a blender, mix gelatin,
1 banana and 1 cup yogurt or ice cream. Blend well and pour into molds



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