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Summer Misc. Ideas & Links



Ice Cream Social Goodie Bags

(Photo submitted by Nanette)

The above bagged gift is from our Ice-cream social, I purchased little ice-cream themed bowls with matching spoons
and ice-cream shaped suckers from The Dollar Tree and made tags.  The graphics are from Thistle Girl Designs.


Learning About Sunscreen Importance

Every summer I stress the importance of wearing sunscreen.  Each child picks out a people-shaped
 construction paper and we cut paper to make clothing for the  people.  (Do not glue the clothes on - we
 use the old paper doll tabs to secure them).  Next, we take our people outside and lay them in the sun.
  After a few hours we retrieve them, remove their clothing and the children can see first-hand where
the sun has faded the paper. We relate that back to the damage sun can do to our unprotected skin.


Have A Camping Day

At the preschool where I work we did a Camping day.  It was a hit with the children and with the staff.
  A put up a tent inside and the children were able to take books in there to read/look at.  We had three
 flashlights in the tent also.  Some of the children took some food in the tent and had a picnic.  We also
 had two kiddie pools that we used for fishing ponds.  One we had some water in and some plastic fish and
 the children took turns catching the fish with a toy fishing pole.  The other pool had no water and we put
 paper fish in there from a fishing game I think.  We put paper clips on each of the paper fish and then the
 children tried to catch them with a fishing pole that had a magnetic attached to the end of it.  We talked
 to the children about camping safety, especially about staying away from the campfire.  We also had
a couple life jackets that the children could wear and we talked to them about water safety.
 We also made s'mores with the children, using a microwave, of course.


Summer Survival Kit

A cup of goodies just for you!
This cup is for you from me with love. 
Inside I have put some treats that you can use this summer.

A piece of sidewalk chalk for this summer when you need
 something to do (be sure to ask your parents where it's ok to draw!)

A Band-Aid for one of those summer ouches!

Hugs and Kisses for those times you need them!

A pencil and eraser to practice writing over the summer.

A postcard with my address on it so you can write me sometime this
 summer to let me know how you are and what fun things you have been doing.

A summer reading log and bookmark... return the completed
 log to me in August and receive something special!

Have a wonderful vacation, remember to come visit me next year.  Enclosed is a
 coupon that you can return to me next year for a free trip to the Treasure Chest!


Weather Chart

I have a new weather chart which we will be using soon as we talk about weather. The older children
are helping get our "storm room" ready....  that is a good learning experience for them and helps me
 prepare a safe place in case of tornado or such.  We talk about what we put in there and why. 


Drive In Diner

We used an old frame from a swing set.  Let the kids paint it and they are using it for a drive in diner. They made signs for
 the drive up window and painted  and drew signs showing fries, hamburgers, etc. and stuck on with tape. They really love it.


Use Your Noodle

During the summer, swim noodles are everywhere.  Stock up on a few to help keep your sand table area spick
 and span! Use a sharp knife to carefully cut the noodles to match the length and width of your sand table.
  Then slice through the noodles and attach them to your table.  The noodles will help prevent sand from
 spilling onto the floor.  They will also provide a soft surface for little ones to wipe their hands on when finished.
  Wait for end of summer sales and then stock up on discounted noodles. Now that's using your noodle!


Boo - Boo Box

Keep first aid supplies close at hand when you're outside on the playground by creating a Boo - Boo box.
  Fill an inexpensive toolbox with bandages, wipes, first aid cream, and other first aid supplies.  And, if you
 don't want to carry the box back and forth each time you take little ones outdoors, set up a rural
 mailbox on your playground and keep the toolbox inside it.  Your supplies will stay dry and ready
 for any boo-boos that happen during outdoor play!  You can also use a fanny pack for this, too.


Dust Busters

Keep the dust bunnies at bay with this tip for summer storage! Place all of your books, toys, and
 manipulatives on shelves in your classroom. Then tape plastic painting tarps over the front of
 the shelves.  When returning to your classroom after summer vacation, simply remove the plastic
 from the shelves.  Wipe down the outside of the shelves with a damp cloth and your dusting is done.


Summer Reading

To get a jump start on planning for next year, spend a summer afternoon thoroughly reviewing those
 teacher resources that you put aside during the school year.  When you come across an idea.
 that you would like to use in the upcoming year, write the title of the idea, the name of the
 resource in which it appears, and the page number on an index card.  Take note of each  idea on
 a separate card; then place each card in your corresponding file.  Throughout your next school
 year, you won't have to search to find that perfect idea - it will already be documented in your files.





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