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Valentine's Day Math Ideas


Conversation Heart Candy Graph

(Photo submitted by Shell)

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Heart Numbers 1 to 6  Matching

Select a piece of pink construction paper for each child.  Randomly write the
 numerals 1 to 6 on each paper.  Give each of the children six heart stickers
 that have been numbered 1 to 6.  Let the children attach the stickers
 on or next to the corresponding numerals on their papers.


Candy Heart Estimating

Give each child a small cardboard heart and ask them to estimate how many
 candy conversation hearts will fit on the surface (area) of it. They can record
 this on a piece of paper (for younger children, you may have to dictate it for them).
 Then, have them glue one on every inch of the heart. When it's dry, have each
 child count the number of candy hearts and write how many were able to
 fit on the heart. Was their estimate too big, to small or exactly right?


Valentine Counting

Youngsters will take counting skills to heart while working at this center.
 Cut sentence strips in half to make cards. On each of the cards, place
 a different number of colorful valentine stickers. To correspond with each
 of the cards, glue a numbered heart cutout to the closed end of a spring-type
 clothespin. A youngster selects a card, finds a "heart pin" with a corresponding
 numeral, then clips that heart pin to the card. If desired, program the backs of
 the cards for self-checking. Store all of the cards and heart pins in a string-tie envelope.


Five Big Valentines (Flannel Board Fun)

Five big Valentines from the corner drugstore,
I mailed one to a friend - now there are four.
Four big valentines, lovely ones to see;
I mailed one to mother - now there are three.
Three big valentines, red and shiny new;
I mailed one to daddy and now there are two.
Two big valentines, the best is yet to come;
I mailed one to Grandma - now there is one.
One big valentine, the giving's almost done;
I mailed it to Grandpa, and now there are none.


Valentine Post Office

Cut slits in the lids of five large margarine tubs.  Number five heart stickers
 from 1 to 5 and attach one to each tub lid.  Cut heart shapes out of index
 cards.  Number the shapes from 1 to 5 by attaching sets of small stickers
 (or draw on sets of the hearts with a red felt tip marker).  Let the children
 take turns "sorting the valentine mail" by inserting the heart cutout
 through the slits in the matching numbered tubs.


Heart Number Hop

Cut a large heart shape for each child out of construction paper.
  Write a familiar numeral on each of the hearts, repeating
 numerals, if necessary.  Have the children sit in a circle.
  Place a heart face down in front of each child.  To start the game,
 stand behind a child.  Have that child pick up his or her heart, identify
 the number on it and place in back on the floor.  Then while you sit
 down in the child's place, have him or her hop from child to child
 that number of hops to find out who gets to take the next turn. Continue
 playing until each child has had a chance to do a "heart number hop."


Sweet Tic-Tac-Toe

Add a new twist to the traditional game of tic-tac-toe with conversation
 heart candies.  To prepare, make a game board by cutting out a large
 construction paper heart and drawing a tic-tac-toe grid in the center.
  Then laminate the heart for durability.  Next, gather five pink conversation
 hearts and five green conversation hearts.  Place the pink hearts in one
 snack size resealable plastic baggie and the green hearts in another
 baggie.  Invite a pair of children over to the game and have each child take
 a baggie.  Direct each player to use his/her candy hearts to play tic-tac-toe
 on the game board.  The game ends when a child places three
 of his hearts in a row.  Tic-tac-toe, Valentine!


Graphing Colored Hearts

Prepare a graph with numbers along the bottom. The children will use
 stickers or heart shapes to complete the graph. You may
 also choose to use heart conversation candies.


Valentine Sort

You can prepare this for the flannel board or make the pieces from
paper. Cut hearts of different sizes and shapes, the children
 can use them to make patterns, sort them
into groups or sort them by size.


Broken Heart Number Match

Cut ten large hearts from construction paper. Cut the hearts in half so the children
 can match them together to make the heart. On one side of the heart print a
 number. On the
other side of the heart glue small pink hearts to
 correspond with the printed number. Laminate for




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