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Valentine's Day Large Motor Ideas


Hearty Workout

Have the children pair up; then ask a volunteer to select a motion - such
 as twirling, hopping, or dancing- to accompany the following song:

(Sung to the tune of: "Do You Know The Muffin Man?")

Oh, Valentine, come (dance) with me,
(Dance) with me, (dance) with me.
Oh, Valentine, come (dance) with me,
We'll (dance) and then we'll stop!

After a few rounds, have children put their hands over their hearts.
  As they feel the pounding in their chests, explain that exercise
 provides a workout for the heart, making it healthy and strong.


Love Is In the Air Relay

To begin, divide your class into teams and line up each team facing
 a child sized chair.  Place a supply of small tissue paper hearts on
 the seat of each chair.  At the start signal, the first child in each line
 runs to the chair and then, in a single breath, blows as many hearts
 as  he/she can off the chair.  That child runs back to the next child
 in line and tags him/her.  The relay continues in this manner until all
 of the hearts have been blown off the chairs.  On your mark, get set, blow!


Heart Hop

Cut heart shapes out of construction paper and tape them to the floor.
  Then put on some music and invite your child to hop like a bunny from
 one heart to another or let them hop as you sing the song below:

(Sung to the tune of: "The Mulberry Bush")

Here we go hopping around the room,
Round the room, round the room.
Here we go hopping around the room,
On St. Valentine's Day!


Heart Exercises

Make exercise cards by cutting five to ten heart shapes out of index cards
 or poster board. Number the cards in numerical order.  On each card print
 the name of an exercise that is good for the heart.  Some examples
 would be toe-touches, somersaults, arm circles, jumping jacks, and
 jogging in place.  Have the children stand in an open area.  As you hold
 up each card, call out the exercise and the number on it and
 have the children do the exercise that number of times.


Sweetheart Dance

Cut large heart shapes out of red, yellow, and blue construction paper.
  Give each child one heart and have the children stand in a circle.
Then sing the song below and have the children follow the directions.

(Sung to the tune of: "Skip to My Lou")

Red hearts, red hearts, take a bow.
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts, take a bow.
Blue hearts, Blue hearts, take a bow.
Now all the hearts jump up right now.

Yellow hearts, yellow hearts, touch the ground.
Blue hearts, blue hearts, touch the ground.
Red hearts, red hearts, touch the ground.
Now all the hearts turn round and round.

Blue hearts, blue hearts, sit right down.
Red hearts, red hearts, sit right down.
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts, sit down.
Now all stand and run to town.







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