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Valentine's Day Dramatic Play Ideas


Valentine Stick Puppets

Set out a selection of children's valentine cards.  Let each child choose one
 of the valentines to use for making a puppet.  Help the children trim off any
 parts of the valentines they don't want on their puppets.  Then have them
 glue their valentines to the tops of Popsicle sticks.  Let the children
 take turns making up stories and performing with their valentine puppets. 


Valentine Finger Folly

Copy one large heart onto red or pink construction paper, one medium heart,
 and two small hearts.  Cut two 6" strips of pink or red paper for each child.
  Invite each child in a small group to make a finger puppet.  To make one,
cut out all the hearts.  Punch two holes at the top of the large heart (side by
 side from each other). Then cut four tiny slits around the holes to make
 larger openings.  Draw heart shaped facial features on the medium cutout.
  Then glue the face onto the point of the large heart.  Next, accordion fold
 each paper strip.  To make arms for the puppet, glue a small heart to one
 end of each paper strip; then glue the other end of each strip to the large
 heart.  To give the puppets legs, poke your index and middle fingers through
 the holes in the large heart. Encourage each child, in turn, to lead the class
 as he/she makes his puppet walk, kick, march, or slide to this rhyme.

Move it to the right.
Move it to the left.
Move it in the way
Your heart loves best.


When you send a Valentine

When you send a valentine,
That's the time for fun,
Slip it underneath the door,
Ring the bell and run, run, run,
Ring the bell and run,

Have a bell and a letter with a valentine in it for a prop.
 The child can act out the sneaking up to the door and pretending
 to push button. All the children must run to safety.


Mail Carrier Fun

Let the children pretend to be mail carriers delivering packages and cards
 for Valentine's Day. Ask them to show how they would carry such things
 as a giant box of candy, a bunch of Valentines, or a big box of cookies.
  Then let them pretend to deliver valentines to people who live in different
 places; at the top of a tall apartment building, in the middle of a snowy
 field, on an island, at the North Pole, on the moon, etc.


Love Bug Puppets

Let the children make "love bug" puppets.  Have them draw faces with crayons
 on small pink construction paper heart shapes and glue on black construction
 paper feelers.  Let them attach their heart faces to the tops of tongue depressors.
  Then give them each two larger heart shapes cut from pink or red construction
 paper to glue to the sides of their tongue depressors for wings.  Let the
 children use their puppets for telling stories or while singing the song below.

(Sung to the tune of: "The Muffin Man")

Do you know the little Love Bug,
The little Love Bug, the little Love BUg,
Do you know the little Love Bug
Who comes on Valentine's Day?

He comes to give a kiss and hug,
A kiss and hug, a kiss and hug,
He comes to give a kiss and hug,
To (Child's name) on Valentine's Day.


Special Delivery

Need a "heart-y" way for youngsters to write and send valentines?
 If so, set up a post office center in your classroom. In advance,
 stock your center with valentines, envelopes, construction paper,
 stickers (to represent stamps), coins, a cash register, and a
 cardboard mailbox. Attach programmed price tags to items
 such as the paper, valentines, stamps, and envelopes.

To use this center, have three youngsters visit the center at a time.
 One child acts as the post office worker while the other two children
 act as customers. Have each customer use the coins to buy stamps,
 envelopes, and valentines (or buy paper to make his own valentine).
 The post office worker takes the money and gives change to the
 customer. The customer uses the items to make a valentine for
 someone in the class and then places his valentine in the cardboard mailbox.
 On or before Valentine's Day, have youngsters assist you in delivering the mail.



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