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Summer Science Ideas



Sun Science

Select several different items, place them on a tray and set in the sun.  After a little while check the
 object and discuss whatever changes may have happened.  Some of the items used: chocolate piece,
 ice cube, scissors, chalk, white fabric, block, popsicle, cup of ice water, and black fabric...


Outdoor Temp

Let the children assist you in charting the outdoor temp for the week.


Ice & Salt

Freeze large blocks of ice in trays without dividers (remember those?).   Unmold and allow
children to sprinkle salt on them.  Observe the fantastic shapes produced by the uneven melting.


Sunflower House

Let your children help you grow a sunflower house.  In a designated part of your outside area, preferably on the
 grass, dig out a U-shaped flower bed.  Plant sunflower seeds (select a tall growing variety) about 18 inches apart
 around the U, and plant green bean seeds in between the sunflowers.  When the sunflowers get to be as tall as your
 children, tie the heads of the sunflowers together to make a roof.  The green bean plants will climb the sunflowers to
 fill in the space.  This is a great learning experience for planting seeds, weeding, and watering plants, and having patience.



Let children investigate the sun's rays through prisms both in and outside of the classroom.
Most Teacher stores will sell actual prisms that can be displayed by windows for children to explore.
 Another neat way to let children investigate the sun is by taking them outside and running through
 the hose or sprinkler. Ask the children if they can find the rainbow and explain that
 the water is the window that its the sun's colors in just like the glass prism!


Sun Cards

Materials needed:
Construction paper or fax paper, -small objects

Take a piece of construction paper and fold it in half (to make the card). Next,
 put some objects on it (ex. keys, small toys, something with a distinctive shape).
You can also cut out shapes or letters from another sheet of paper and arrange
 them on top of the construction paper. Place the paper directly in the sun...
by the end of the day, the paper will be faded--except the areas covered by
 the objects or pieces of paper. FAX paper also works well for this. It quickly turns
 yellow or brown when exposed to strong sunlight. (great way to recycle it too!)



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