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Summer Math Ideas



How Many Scoops?

Write a different number from 1 to 10 in the bottom of each of ten styrofoam bowls.  Put the bowls in your
 math center, along with an ice cream scoop and some play dough balls in a variety of cool and creamy ice
 cream colors.  Invite a pair of children to visit the center.  Have one child choose a bowl and put in the
 corresponding number of play dough ice cream scoops.  Have him serve it to his partner, who pretends to eat
 the ice cream white counting to check the server's work.  Then have the children switch roles and dish up more fun.


Summer Play Equipment Graph

Make a chart/graph of your children's favorite park equipment.


Dandelion Hunt

Give each child a paper sack.  Take the children outside to a place where there are lots of dandelions. 
 Ask them to find dandelions with big flowers, small flowers, and unopened flowers, and those that have
 gone to seed.  Let them place their dandelions in their bags and bring them back to the room.
 Then have the children place all of their dandelions on a table. Have them sort the dandelions
 by the categories mentioned above.  Make a chart showing all of the types found and
how many of  each type were found.  What type of dandelion was found most? Least?


Sunshine Poll

Discuss with your children how the sun makes it hot outside during the summer months.  After your
 discussion, make a chart to show how your children feel about sunny, hot days. Draw two
 columns on a large sheet of butcher paper.  Draw a sun with a happy face at the top of one column,
and label the column "I like it when it's hot."   At the top of the other column, draw a sun with a sad
 face, and print, "I don't like it when it's hot."  Ask each child if he or she likes it when it's hot,
and the put a check mark in the corresponding column.  When all of your children have
voted, have them help you count the votes.  What do your children think about hot days?


Sun Rays

From yellow poster board, cut out five circle "suns."  Number the suns from 1 to 5. 
Give the suns and 20 spring type clothespins to one of your children.  Let the
 child clip the appropriate number of clothespin "rays" to each of the suns.


Yarn Sun Rays

Place the numbered suns (as mentioned above) on a piece of construction paper.  Glue the matching number
of yellow yarn "rays" to the paper around each of the suns.  Remove the suns and give them and the sheet
 of paper to one of your children.  Let him or her match the suns to the corresponding number of rays.


Seed Estimation

The students were each given a slice of watermelon. BEFORE they ate it, the student was asked to ESTIMATE
(a NEW word for some) the number of seeds in his slice. Then, with the teacher's help, the seeds were removed
 and counted.  A graph was made: my estimation- the actual amount 1. Then, the students ate the watermelon.
 Some even had a contest to see who could spit the farthest!



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