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Summer Fine Motor Ideas



Pom Pom Ice Cream Scoops

(Photo submitted by Nanette)

Encourage the children to pick up pom poms using tweezers and place the pom pom
 scoops onto paper cones. The tweezers in the above photo were purchased from Lakeshore.


(Photo submitted by Nanette)



Water Painting

Give them buckets of water and large paint brushes.  They can "paint" the house, the sidewalk, outdoors toys, etc.


Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is another favorite.  One of our older children uses each square of the sidewalk
as a cage and draws a zoo animal in each cage....the younger ones are fascinated by this.
  If you haven't made it before, try making your own sidewalk chalk in t.p. tubes.


Water Play

One of my favorite activities for the summer is to fill a large
 plastic tub with water, add water toys and let the kids play.
  I include measuring cups, measuring spoons and bowls, too.


Ocean Bottle

Make an ocean by putting sand, and colored water in an empty soda bottle.  You
can make a large one with the 2 liter bottles or a small one with the 16 oz bottles.


Shell Frames

Put glue on the outside of a frame, pour sand on it, glue shells and add a picture.


Shells in the Sandbox

You could put shells in the sandbox and have them dig for the shells as if
they were at the seashore. While playing in the sandbox if you could make a tape
 of the sounds of the ocean to play in the background for mood music it may help.


Ice In Sandbox

Hide ice cubes in the sandbox. Encourage children to find them.


Ice Cube Containers

Give children cubes and containers.  See how many cubes the children can fit in each of the containers.


Pool Fun

In a small child's swimming pool, provide a small amount of water (about ankle deep for a child).
Place small pebbles in the bottom and have the children see how many they can pick up with
 their toes.  Also, place diving rings in the pool.


Sand Dough

Ingredients Needed:
1 cup sand
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 tsp cream of tartar 3/4 cup hot water

Mix sand, cornstarch and cream of tartar in an old saucepan. Add hot water. 
Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture is very thick and can't
be stirred further. Cool slightly and mold into various shapes use plastic molds or
 let children create their own designs. Allow to dry. Paint if desired.
(Store left overs in airtight container.) What a fun way to make permanent sand
 castles for your sand table (with those sandcastle/beach plastic pail sets).


Canoe Shapes

Have your children lace yarn around canoe shapes.  Let them decorate their shapes with crayons or felt tip markers.


Dandelion Necklaces

Pick a large number of dandelions and make a slit through each stem close to the stem end.
  Show each of your children how to gently pull the stem of one dandelion through the slit in another
 dandelion stem.  Then show the child how to pull the stem of a third dandelion through the slit in
 the second dandelion stem, and so on, to make a chain.  When the chain is long enough
 for a necklace, help the child fasten the two ends of his or her chain together.


Sunny Yellow Dough

Color the play dough yellow.  Set out all yellow plastic cookie cutters for your children to use with the dough.



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