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St. Patrick's Day Science Ideas



Magic Green Flowers

Purchase or gather one yellow flower (like a daffodil) and blue food coloring,
 Show the children the flower. Have them describe it. Place the flower in a
 clear glass along with a small amount of water and enough food coloring
 to turn the water dark blue. Have the kids describe what they see and tell
 you what they think will happen to the flower. Allow the kids to check the
 flower several times each day until the yellow flower has turned green.
 Ask the kids why blue food coloring turned the yellow flower green.


Shamrock Colors

I tried this one year when teaching different colors!! take a coffee filter and
 cut it in to a shape of a shamrock  then had blue food coloring to some water
  in another glass add yellow food coloring  have the kid dip their paint brushes
 in the blue and drip it on the shamrock  next dip  the paint brushes in the yellow
and do the same thing the yellow turns the blue  to green!! now you have a green shamrock!!!


Green Science

Mixing white paint with green to make a lighter green....
Mixing green food coloring with shaving cream....
Mixing green powdered paint with sand to make green sand...


Growing Shamrock

Cut shamrock from terry cloth. Moisten shamrock. Sprinkle with alfalfa seed. Keep
 moist. Set in dark place. Allow several days for shamrock to grow. Set in sunlight for
 shamrock to turn green. This works great with a sponge and grass seed also.


Sprouting Shamrocks

Plan to do this activity one week before green shamrocks are needed.
  Cut a shamrock shape for each child out of terry cloth.  Have the children
 place their shamrocks in aluminum pie pans and add a little water. Then let
 them sprinkle alfalfa seeds all over their shapes. Place the pie tins in
 a sunny spot and have the children add water regularly to keep shapes moist.
 Let the observe during the weeks as the seeds sprout and turn their shamrocks green.


Rainbow Science

Explain the myth about leprechauns hiding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
 Then fill a glass full of water and put it in the sun, or take a crystal and put it in
 the sun and talk about the order of the colors, and how water or crystal
 separate light into different colors because light has all the colors the same as black.




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