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Leprechaun Sizing

(Photo by Rebecca)

Place each leprechaun onto the correct place on the sorting mat.


St. Patrick's Day

(Photo by Rebecca)
Count the St. Patrick's Day objects
 on each card and place the clothes
 pin onto the correct number.

(Photo by Rebecca)

Use the objects in the bowls to
 complete each pattern. Then,
 use the blank pattern sheet
 to create your own patterns.
(printable available on
Rebecca's site HERE.)


Counting Beads

(Photo by Rebecca )

Number each slot on the tray.
 Place the correct number of beads
 into each section of the ice tray.



St. Patrick's Day Math Ideas


Ten Green Shamrocks

Cut out 10 shamrocks from green paper.
Practice counting backwards with this fun rhyme.
Replace the blanks with each child's name.

Ten green shamrocks, oh so fine,
___________ took one; then there were nine.

Nine green shamrocks, growing by the gate.
___________ took one; then there were eight.

Eight green shamrocks, looking up to heaven.
___________ took one; then there were seven.

Seven green shamrocks, straight like sticks.
___________ took one; then there were six.

Six green shamrocks, growing by a hive.
___________ took one; then there were five.

Five green shamrocks, lying on the floor.
___________ took one; then there were four.

Four green shamrocks, you and I can see.
___________ took one; then there were three.

Three green shamrocks, oh so few.
___________ took one; then there were two.

Two green shamrocks, counting them is fun.
___________ took one; then there was one.

One green shamrock, resting in the sun.
___________ took one; now the game is done.


Gold Coin Count

Use gold wrapped chocolate coins to help the children with their counting skills.


Counting Gold

In my math center I have enlarged, numbered, and laminated 11 black
pot patterns (0-10) and found gold glass beads at a craft store and
they've been counting gold into each pot. Also matching different
shamrock and potato die cuts as well as patterning/sorting them.
Number dice game with potato heads, roll a six to get an ear, etc.


St. Pat's Math

Print out shamrocks or leprechauns with each having a different number to 10.
  Use some gold glitter glue and paint some rocks.  Let the children use
 the rocks to place the correct number on the shamrock or leprechaun.


Four Leaf Clover

Cut out four, three leafed clovers, and one four leafed clover. Set all
 five clovers on a table and ask the child to find the four leafed clover.


Four Leaf Clover Sizing

Cut out five different sized clovers. Have the child arrange the clovers by size.


Graph Lucky Charms

Purchase a box of Lucky Charms.  Sort out the marshmallows out of the cereal.  Invite the
 youngsters to choose their favorite Lucky Charm marshmallow and help chart  their favorites.


Lucky Charms Sort

Give each child a sheet of paper divided into a grid.  Predraw the Lucky Charm
 cereal shapes across the bottom.  Have the children sort the cereal.  Count how many
 of each shape and color in the appropriate number of squares.  When complete-Eat!


Lucky Charm Math

Sort children into groups, pour a bowl of Lucky Charms for each group.
 Call out a marshmallow shape (red balloons, green clovers, shooting stars,
 etc.) one at a time and have groups sort through their bowls to find the
 shape called. Each table announces how many of the shape they have
 (as each shape is called). Discuss which table has more, less, the same,
 and the most. Place a box of Lucky Charms in the writing center so that
 children can make pictures incorporating the marshmallow shapes into them.



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