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St. Patrick's Day Language Ideas



Reach For The Gold

In advance, place a class supply of gold foil wrapped chocolate coins in a leprechaun hat.
  After reading a story to the children, show them the hat.  Explain that this special hat
 contains golden coins that help children listen to the person holding the hat.  Then
 pass the hat to a child and invite him/her to share his/her favorite part of the story.
  When he/she finishes his/her turn, have him/her select a coin and then pass the hat
 to another child.  Once everyone has shared, invite your youngsters to eat their treats.


Irish Names

Make everyone Irish that day by adding a  O' to their last name? You can add this
 to any hats or special badges that might be made for St. Patrick's Day. Example: Patrick
 Swayze would become Patrick O'Swayze. I would just write O'Swayze on the his hat.


ABC Center

Matching upper/lowercase shamrock letters, rhyming pictures and opposites.
 Putting lowercase alphabet shamrocks in order. Putting different colored
 rainbow beads in the correct order, by reading the color words.


St. Patrick's Day Writing

Spelling out St. Pat's words with magnetic letters and then
writing them. "Leprechaun is so LONG, Miss Laurie!" :)


Shamrock Discussion

Display a real shamrock or a picture of a shamrock. Discuss color, number and
shape of leaves, and any distinguishing characteristics. For example, shamrocks
 close their leaves in the evening. The shamrock is considered by many
 people to bring good luck. A legend tells that St. Patrick used the shamrock as
 a symbol of Trinity. The shamrock has become a national symbol of Ireland.


The Throwaway Hearts: Shamrock Story

(I elaborate on this story to fit my room, class, etc.)  A teacher makes three red hearts
 to decorate the classroom for February.  The three hearts enjoy the children and
 the classroom activities, especially those on St. Valentine's Day.  But as the month
 draws to a close, the hearts begin to worry.  They realize the teacher will throw them
 away and decorate the calendar with an object more representative of March.  On
 the last night of February, the hearts think and think.  The leader of the three suggests
 that they try to change to green, because March is the beginning of spring.  They close
 their eyes and think very hard about being green; and when they open their eyes, they
 are!  Now they try to think of different green objects they could be.  (get ideas from the
 group)  Then one of the hearts sees a shamrock decorating a calendar on the teacher's
 desk - the shamrock looks like three hearts.  When the teacher comes in the next morning,
 she finds the three red hearts have become a green shamrock.  And it's so perfect that
 she uses it to decorate her room!  (I use this story on the flannel board with hearts
 that are red on one side and green on the other.  Simply put the point of the three hearts
 together, add a stem and you have a shamrock!)  Taken from Instructor magazine; no date listed.


Fishing Game

My kids LOVE is the fishing game. We have a half
wall in our room but you could use anything as a divider. One kiddo
on one side, one on the other. Both kids have several laminated
pictures, a letter grid (lowercase right now), and a fishing pole
(dowel and string with a clothes pin attached). Put your pole over
the wall and ask "Do you have something that starts with R?" The
child finds the correct picture and clips it onto their clothespin,
giving a little tug. Play goes back and forth until the cards are
full. I also use this game for other skills as well.



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