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St. Patrick's Day Flannel Board Ideas



Five Green Shamrocks

Cut five shamrocks from green construction paper.  Print a child's name on each
 one and place in  front of the children.  As you recite following verse, children can
 find their names and take the shamrock. Continue until everyone has a turn.
5 little shamrocks growing outside my door,
(Child's name) picked one, and then there were 4.
4 little shamrocks, green as green could be,
(Child's name) picked one, and then there were 3.
3 little shamrocks, sitting by my shoe,
(Child's name) picked one, and then there were 2.
2 little shamrocks, nodding in the sun,
(Child's name) picked one and that left 1.
1 little shamrock for Saint Patrick's Day fun,
(Child's name) picked it, and that left none.


Ten Little Shamrocks

Ten little shamrocks growing by the gate.
(Child's name) picked two and that left eight. (Count the remaining with your child)
Eight little shamrocks growing by the door.
 (Child's name) picked four and that left four.
Four little shamrocks growing the sun.
(Child's name) picked three and that left one.
One little shamrock growing all alone.
I picked it and took it home.


Five Little Leprechauns

Five little leprechauns playing in the sun.
The first one said, “Oh, my! We’re having fun!”
The second one said, “We need to spread some joy!”
The third one said, “Let’s find some girls and boys.”
The fourth one said, “There’s gold to be found!”
The fifth one said, “Let’s look all around!”
Then out came a rainbow, shining bright and bold.
So, five little leprechauns ran to find some gold!


Shamrock Search

Cut shamrock shapes out of green felt and hide them around the room.
  Then let the children search for the shapes while singing the song below.
Each time they find a shamrock, have them place it on a flannel board and take a bow.
 When all the shamrocks have been found, count them together with the children.

(Sung to the tune of: "The Farmer In The Dell")

Let's look for shamrocks now,
Let's look for shamrocks now,
And when we find a bright green one
Then we can take a bow.


Marlee McFee and the right hat
By: Tonja Gardiner

 At my pre school, we start the day off with a Flannel board story that I wrote.

Marlee McFee was the youngest Leprechaun in his clan (explain what a clan is).
Tomorrow was his big day, Marlee was going to receive his very own and very
special hat. All the Leprechaun men wore hats, and each hat was very special
because it was chosen especially for the person who wore it. No one else could
 wear your special hat. Tomorrow Marlee would go to the hat maker and she would
 help Marlee try on all kinds of different hats to find the one that was just right for him.

The next day Marlee got up early hurried to the hat maker's shop.
Marlee had never seen so many hats, hundreds of hats lined the shelves in the
 shop. Marlee sat nervously on the stool while the hat maker measured his head
then pulled a big tall green and white striped hat off the shelf; she placed the hat on
 Marlee's head. The room went dark, and Marlee couldn't see..... The hat was too
big. "This one will never do" said the hat maker. Next she choose a dark green felt
 hat that Marlee thought looked like the hats cowboys wore. She placed this hat on
Marlee's head, the hat came down over Marlee's ears and fell off when he moved, the
 hat maker shook her head and put the hat back on the shelf. The hat maker reached
high on the shelf and took down a hat that Marlee thought looked more like a cap than
a hat. It was light green with a bill and kind of flat on top. It also had a very dark red
feather sticking out of it. Marlee thought the hat looked a little silly and he laughed
when he looked at himself in the mirror, the hat maker laughed too, and put the hat
 back on the shelf. The next hat she put on Marlee's head was a medium shade of
green with different colored dots all over the hat. It pointed straight up in the air and
 had a fuzzy little green ball on the end. This hat reminded Marlee of the Leprechaun
 clown that came and did tricks at the leprechaun children's birthday parties. This hat
 fit Marlee just fine but when Marlee stood up the hat touched the ceiling. "Much to
 tall", was all the hat maker said and returned the hat to it's place on the shelf. The
 hat maker looked up and down the shelves, she walked back and forth. She put
her hand on her chin and said "Hmmmmm", for what seemed to Marlee a very
 long time. Then she smiled a big smile, bent down and took a small roundish
 looking hat from the lowest shelf. She had to blow off a little dust before she placed
 it on Marlee's head. The hat was dark and light green, which were Marlee's favorite
 colors. It was round on top and had a light green band just above the brim. It was
 trimmed with gold and had two four leaf lucky shamrocks on it. Marlee loved the
 hat even before the hat maker put it on his head. Slowly she placed the hat on
 his head, and turned Marlee so he could see in the mirror. The hat fit perfectly, it
 didn't cover his eyes like the first hat, or fall off like the second hat, and it didn't make
 him laugh like the third hat or remind him of a clown like the fourth hat. No this hat made
 Marlee feel like the very happy, proud Leprechaun that he was.......
Marlee had found just the right hat.


King Sean & the Pot of Gold
By: Tonja Gardiner

(This is a flannel board story/ game, for the story you will need to make 11 black
 pots of gold and if you like a leprechaun to be Sean. For the game you will need
 some play gold coins and or the chocolate or gum kind a black pot & small bags for each child)

Tell the children that each of them are going to be made an honorary Leprechaun
because they will need to help with story. You can give them a shamrock
 to wear saying "Honorary Leprechaun" or make Leprechaun ears!

King Sean was King of all the leprechauns..... He loved his gold and every day he
 would go to the money room and count all of his pots of gold.
One morning when King Sean got to the money room. He began as he always
 did counting the pots of gold. One….. Two……. Three….. Four …….. Five…….
Six ….. Seven…… Eight…… Nine……. Ten…… Eleven……. ELEVEN, "Eleven"
 hollered King Sean, quickly he counted again just to make sure, and sure enough
 their were only eleven pots of gold when their was supposed to be 12, He knew
 that his tricky friend Jobe King of the fairies was playing a trick on him and had
 taken his pot of gold. Where oh where could that 12th pot of gold be wondered
 King Sean. He looked all over the money room but that 12th pot of gold was no
 where to be found. King Sean decided to call all the Leprechauns and ask them
 to help him look for the missing pot of gold. All of King Sean's (honorary)
leprechauns were happy to help him, everyone knows that all Leprechauns
 love gold as much as they love playing tricks, so they all promised to look
 hard for the pot of gold and for clues that would help them find it.
At this point in the story tell the children that they are going to be the kings
 helpers they need to look for the pot of Gold, which you have hidden somewhere
 before you started the story, as well as scattering some gold coins around the
 room. Give each of them a small bag and tell them that they must look high & low,
 over and under to find the pot of gold. Some of the coins may have fallen out
 because the pot of gold is heavy. They need to put any coins they find into
 their bags. Let the children search for the pot that you have hidden with heavy
 rocks in the bottom covered with tissue paper and gold coins on top (I use a black
 plastic witch's pot I bought at Halloween). Have the finder or finders bring
 the pot back to the story circle and place it with the flannel board pots.
 Continue the story involving the children where appropriate
It was hard work but everyone was so glad when the gold was found.
 They told King Sean where and who had found the gold and showed
 him their Bags with some of the gold they had found. King Sean told
 them that because they had worked so hard they could keep the gold and he even
 gave them a little extra, because he was so happy they had found the 12th pot of gold.




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