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St. Patrick's Day
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Good As Gold

(Photo by Shell)

Take photos of the children
and add their photo onto  a
piece of gold in the pot.
Create paper chains to make
the rainbow.


Lucky Because...

(Photo by Shell)

Precut a shamrock shape for each
 child.  Pull the children aside, one
 on one, and as him/her why he/she
 is lucky.  Then dictate that onto
 their shamrock.  You can also
 have the children illustrate it on
 the other side of the shamrock or
 on the same side as your dication.


Party Sign Up

(Posted by Shell)

I always post a sign up sheet a
week or two before every class
 party so that parents can help
out with supplying  the snack
 foods and drinks, party paper
plates, cups, and napkins.



St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Ideas



Lucky To Be Me Bulletin Board

Aren't we lucky that everyone in the world is unique? Send that message to your
 class this St. Patrick's Day with a student-made bulletin board. Provide students
 with plenty of old magazines; then instruct each child to cut out pictures (or words)
 that describe and illustrate his uniqueness. Have the student glue the cutouts,
 collage-fashion, on a large shamrock pattern that's been cut from green construction
 paper. Post the one-of-a-kind shamrocks on a bulletin board titled
 "Lucky to Be Me!" or "Lucky Me! I'm Special!"


More Precious Than Gold

Give each child a circle cut from yellow construction paper.  Have them draw a
 self portrait on the circle.  Display the circles on black bulletin board paper
 cut into a post shape.  Title the display "More Precious Than Gold!"


Good Behavior

Make a leprechaun lounging against a pot of gold with a big rainbow.
  Make sure every child gets a cutout coin.  Each time the child is well
 behaved:  uses nice manners, is kind, follows a rule, etc.  Their coin gets
 closer to the "pot of gold", as it slides down the rainbow.  Title it:  "Good Behavior Pays Off!"


Good As Gold

Have children make a large handprint rainbow on a sheet of bulletin board paper.
  Cut out the rainbow.  Staple a poly-fil cloud to a bulletin board; then mount the
 rainbow on the board so that it is coming out of the cloud.  Staple a construction
 paper pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Glue each child's picture on a
 separate construction paper gold coin; then mount the coins around the pot.


Good As Gold II

Make a 3-D rainbow by arranging, overlapping, and stapling sections of red, blue,
 and yellow plastic wrap to the board. Mount a pot cutout at each end of the
 rainbow. Have each child write his name on a piece of construction paper gold.
 Attach each child's name to the board as you deem appropriate.


Good As Gold III

(Photo submitted by Shell)


The Golden Rule

I made a rainbow with handprints and on the cloud I wrote
"Pre-K Knows The Golden Rule". On the pot at the end of the rainbow
 I wrote the Golden Rule. " Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them
 Do Unto You" The children cut out coins and wrote their names on
 them. We also cut out some clouds to fill in empty spaces on the board.


Pot of Gold At the End Of the Rainbow

I took puffy paint and painted a rainbow, after it dried I cut it out and attached
 to the bulletin board, instead of just making a "pot" to have the rainbow end at,
 we took a paper cup that we painted black and put little gold pieces of different
 size paper for the "gold" in the "pot". It gave it more of a 3-d effect.



We made the handprint one for the BB.  I added this poem:
In places here, and foreign lands
The rainbow can be seen in hands
That make the world a better place
A rainbow of the human race.
We also made really nice rainbows from pre-cut circles.  My kids are older twos and younger threes
 and their cutting skills aren't up to cutting circles but for the older kids I would let them do the cutting.

red-glue-orange-glue-yellow and so on you get the idea.  Before the glue
(which will be thick in some areas) dries, fold in half-colors out- any way the
 colors look best or however the child chooses. I stapled in 3 places to hold
 it all together. We punched a hole in top and hung them from the ceiling
 in the room.  They all look different, but they all look really pretty.
Last I hung prisms and crystals from suction cups hanger thingies on the
window-which gets sun all day- and we have rainbows all over the room.


Irish Eyes Are Smiling

(Photo submitted by Shell)

 Give each child a green shamrock cutout.  Encourage
them to draw a face on their shamrock and add googly eyes.



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