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Scarecrow Arts & Crafts Ideas


Handprint / Footprint Crows

(Photo submitted by Mrs. Valerie)

Trace your child's handprint and footprint onto black construction paper.
 Cut out.  Print off the head of a scarecrow picture... let your child glue it
 to the top of their footprint pattern.  Child then glues small torn black pcs. of tissue paper
 to the footprint.  Glue on the wings (handprints), head and feet to the back of the footprint pattern.


Build Your Own Scarecrow

It is fun to make a real like scarecrow out of kids and adult clothing. 
This a great clothes sorting activity first.  Choose which pieces of clothing are
for a child or adult.  You can also get into girl and boy.  Then have the kids crumple
 up pieces of newspaper and stuff the scarecrow. 
This is a great strengthening activity and turn taking time.


Scarecrow II

You can usually find some hay at craft stores or if you are in a rural
setting a farm may give you some. Then use the hay to stuff
 a fabric scarecrow. You make a fabric body ahead of time and punch
 out some holes along the sides so the kids can "SEW" with
yarn and a child craft needle and then they can stuff their body and then
attach a ready made head with some hot glue or a grown ups sewing help.


Candy Holder Pumpkin Head Scarecrow

Make your own scarecrow for the class.. Let the kids stuff a
pair of old jeans and an old flannel shirt with newspaper
and use a candy holder pumpkin for the head.


Paper Scarecrow

Use the hay and glue it to a scarecrow shape cut from construction paper.


Scarecrow Children

(Photo submitted by Mrs. Valerie)

Give each child a scarecrow pattern to color and decorate.
Cut the head off the pattern and add a photo of your child in its place.
Glue hat, photo of child's head, and the rest of the scarecrow body
 onto a piece of construction paper.  Cut around the entire scarecrow.


Scarecrow Fabric Craft

Cut shirt and pants shapes out of fabric and face shapes out of
construction paper. Let the children glue the shapes on pieces of
construction paper to make scarecrows. Have the children draw facial
features on the scarecrow. Set out 1-inch pieces of straw, and have them
glue the straw pieces around the edges of the scarecrow. (The shirts
and pants can also be cut out of construction paper.)


Scarecrow Masks

Cut two eyeholes in a paper plate  Have children decorate the scarecrow
mask with crayons, markers, or paint and add strips of yellow construction
paper for hair.  Attach a short piece of yarn or string to
each side of the mask, so that it can be tied in back.



For each child, cut a 2" x 2" fabric square and use a bottle top to trace
 a 1  1/2" diameter circle from colored tag board. Gather one plastic cup
 per child.  Put a piece of modeling clay in the bottom of each cup.
 Glue two craft sticks together to make a cross.  Glue the fabric square
 to the middle of the cross to make the scarecrow's body.  Use a marker
to draw a face on the tag board circle.  Glue the circle at the top of the
 cross to make the head.  Allow to dry. 
Stick the scarecrow into the clay and fill your cup with raffia.


Swinging Scarecrow

Make a face on a small paper plate, using buttons, yarn, fabric scraps,
 wallpaper scraps, or other collage materials.  Glue strips of paper, short
 pieces of yarn, or bits of straw around the plate to make hair.  Cut a hat
 from construction paper and attach it to the top of the paper plate face. 
Attach the face to the short end of a 9" by 12" sheet of construction paper.
 Decorate the construction paper with buttons and patches of fabric or
wallpaper.  Attach four strips of crepe paper streamers to create arms and legs.
 Attach yarn to the top of the scarecrow and hang it from the ceiling.


Scarecrow Puppet Pal

Obtain a class supply of paint stirrers from a local paint store or home supply
 warehouse.  Stuff a paper lunch bag with newspaper.  Push the stirrer into
 the open end of the bag, gather the bag around the stirrer, and secure
it with tape.  Glue miscellaneous craft items to the bag to make the scarecrow's facial
 features, such as buttons, beads, fabric scraps, sponge, pompoms, rickrack, etc.






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