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Halloween Large Motor Ideas


Dance the Hooky Spooky

(Sung to the tune of: "Hokey Pokey")

Put your arm in, take your arm out.
Put your arm in and shake it all about.
Do the Hooky Spooky and everybody shout,
"That's what it's all about.  BOO!"

Continue with other body parts......


Halloween Pantomime

Move as if you are:
Carrying a great big pumpkin.
A witch combing her long, stringy hair.
A little baby ghost.
Putting on your Halloween costume.
Carving a little tiny pumpkin.
Going up and down a porch's steps trick or treating.
Jumping up to say Boo-oo-oo.
A big black cat.

Witch, Witch, Ghost

Have the children sit on the floor in a circle. Choose one child to be "it."
The child who is "it" walks around the outside of the circle, lightly tapping the
 head of each child in the circle saying, "Ghost" to each child. When the child who
 is "it" taps a child's head and says, "Witch," the child named "witch" must get up
 and chase after "it." If "it" gets back to the proper place on the floor,
 then the "witch" becomes "it" and the game continues.
(Variation: You can play this game all the time,  just change the words to go with your theme.) 

Spider Walk Race 

Have the children race each other while walking like a spider. Or try a relay race. 


Catch The Ghost

Inflate a white balloon to use as a ghost. Do not tie the end. Have the children release the balloon and try
to catch the ghost before it touches the ground.

Pumpkin Toss

This can be a fun game when you are lacking in activities. Take a few pumpkins, varying in size, and line
them up. Give the some sort of ring that will fit over each pumpkin; such as a hula hoop. If you are using
very small pumpkins, you can use an embroidery hoop, or the metal rings you can find in varying sizes at
the craft store. Then mark the line where they are to stand, and have the child try to toss the hoop over
the pumpkins. It doesn't matter if they get it or not, you can reward them with small prizes or stickers.

Jack-o-lantern Jump

Blow up some round balloons. Attach long strings to them. Hold the balloons with the tied end up, and
use permanent markers to draw different jack-o-lanterns faces on them. Hang the balloons from the
ceiling or a doorway at a height that will tempt the children to stretch, jump, and bat the balloons.


A Walk On The Wild Side

Line the children up on one sided of the room. Have them cross the room in small groups in some of the
following ways: Flying like a bat (or owl), floating like a ghost, stomping like a monster, creeping like a
cat, gallop like a cowboy on a horse, walk like a clown, crawl like a spider, rolling like a pumpkin.
Encourage the children to suggest ways of moving. Ask these questions to get them started:
What are you going to be for Halloween? How would a ________ move?

Halloween Hop

Teacher is the Silly Witch with the broom.

"It is Halloween Night and it is very dark outside. I am a very silly witch and I am going to cast
 a very silly spell on you. I am going to wave my broom and turn all of you into frogs. Now,
 how do frogs move around? They Jump. Every time I wave my broom, you will all jump around.
When I put my broom down, you will all stop.

"Great opportunity for teacher to display her acting talents.

Orange and Black Streamer Dance 

Cut orange and black crepe paper streamers into pieces. Tape the pieces to your
 children's wrists. Then play Halloween music and let the children dance
 around the room, waving and twirling their orange and black streamers. 

Jack-o'-lantern Catch

Make a jack-o'-lantern out of an inflated balloon.  Toss balloon
 into the air and try to catch it with a kitchen funnel.


Mummy Wrap

The parents donated toilet paper and the children wrapped each other up in it.


Pumpkin Throw

Place a pumpkin container on the floor.  Stand designated distance from
 pumpkin and attempt to throw bean bag or small ball into container.


Ghost Toss

 We tossed bean bags or folded up white socks in to a ghost cut out.


Witches Broom Relay

Divide into two lines.  The first player in each line places a broom
 between his/her legs and rides it to a designated location.  He/She
 turns around and rides it back to the next player in line
  Repeat until all have had a turn.



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